Top 5 Best Mind Blowing APPS of 2018 You Should Use

Top 5 Best Apps

Are you still using those boring apps on your phone? Did you ever want it an app that could do something you want, but it seemed impossible and you couldn't find? Any I must do so well visit 2018 and is taking over the world. Let's look at the five best mind-blowing apps of 2018.

Mug Life

It turns your simple photos into super realistic 3d animated photos. it intelligently detects your face. And its features, lets you animate every part of the face like eyes, mouth, eyebrows and jaws. And more, it also intelligently adds teeth and tongue in your picture. You can use this app to create some funny and amazing mimes and you can also apply community-created animations. You can save the picture as jiff or video and share and steadily to your social media. If you want to get advanced features to edit the picture in detail and to create custom animation then you can get the premium version of the app.


Improve your vocabulary in different languages in a fun and in a way to obey. What you need to do is first you need to take a picture of an object then Poliwhirl will intelligently identify that object and translate its name in different languages. Helping you remember them later.


jammer is a fun app that lets you create music with no musical experience. You can choose from great styles like electro Czech house hip hop trap and more. It has four sections drum bass chord and melody. You need to tap on the screen and will start playing a loop. If you swipe up it will decrease the pitch. And will
increase the pitch if you swipe down. Swipe left to slow down the bead and swipe right to make it fast. You can also connect other devices through Wi-Fi or hotspot to play line jams. And you can record and share your tracks on social media as well.


Portrait as an image filter and lets you create unique never-seen-before filters ranging from double exposure over colour to blending effects. And it turns your project into an artwork graffiti painting or sketch. Drawing the great thing about this App is that LSU live preview the filters which allows you to find the perfect pose and look for your portrait. And you don't have to wait for art filters to load.

blanket ball

An advanced AI app which can analyze and measure the beauty of your face and photos. Another important feature is that it does couple analysis which can rate how much do you fit together as a couple. It also helps you to decide which offer pictures are worth sharing and which you should rather key for yourself the AI is based on the latest technology and was trained on real human responses from all around the world. So, that was some of the amazing AI Apps.

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